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My new marriage and the eats that bring us together.

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Where the air is rarefied.

Rob and I spent a relaxing Sunday at my apartment, and I took the opportunity to whip up some bread. I haven’t bought bread in over a year - the smell wafting through the apartment far outweighs the convenience of bringing it home from the store.


I’ve actually bought a new laptop since I made this batch, so I no longer have my recipe bookmarked. It’s just a run of the mill white bread, and I think losing the recipe might be a blessing in disguise so that I have a good excuse to branch out and try new kinds!


That night, I used the bread to make sandwiches for a hike Rob and I would be going on the next day with our friends Mallory and Jonathan. I made my standard “Mia Mac,” (which you may remember from, this time with a snipping of green onions in addition to the usual lunchmeat, cheese slice, lettuce, homespun thousand island, and a mustard smiley face.


Instead of making them on toast like I normally would, I used the Griddler! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Rob also demanded a PB&J in addition to his Mia Mac (boring). He had to endure my chunky peanut butter allegiance, but he ended up enjoying the Mia Mac more regardless!


It certainly helped that we enjoyed it on top of a mountain. On Monday, we ventured to Lynchburg, Virginia, sandwiches in tow, to meet up with Mallory and Jonathan. Look at our twin faces.


From there, we drove to Sharp Top and literally climbed a mountain. I was mighty testy with Rob because I had done a workout with him on Sunday that involved 30,000 lunges, at least. I’m still a little shocked that my leaden legs survived the hike.


We ate quickly since it was a little chilly all the way up there, and beheld the majesty of…Virginia. And Mallory was just snapping away, so be forewarned: I think they’re hilarious.


Notice that Tyson and Kristen’s lunchbox came with us too! Kept our victory beers nice and cool :)


Wait, so now we have to go back DOWN? Surprisingly difficult, especially since I, the indoorsiest of indoor folks, have never even considered buying a pair of hiking boots. But my tennies and I managed to get the whole way down without turning an ankle, which to me is as much of a victory as the climb itself.


Hooray for my first time eating with Rob in a different level of the atmosphere!


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