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On the eighth day, God created bacon.

I found a great recipe a few weeks before that I just knew I had to make for Rob on our Valentine’s weekend. Bacon. Bourbon. Brownies.


After a quick stop at the Key Foods, I consulted my recipe (, which incidentally didn’t involve any of the produce you see pictured. But it did involve BACON. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Rob’s lack of kitchen utensils (despite our day of gadgetry purchases!) left me with no mixing bowl. God bless the dutch oven.


After I whipped up the brownie batter, we sure had a lot of fun tearing up bacon for the top…and sneaking a few bites for ourselves.


After a spin in the oven, these babies were ready to eat! Instead of just pouring bourbon on top to finish like the recipe said, I put together a little glaze by heating up some bourbon, butter, sugar, and vanilla on Rob’s testy stove. Poured it over the top while the brownies were still warm, and voila!


We took these babies to a get-together with Rob’s friends Jon and Melissa, and Tyson joined us too! I highly recommend this recipe if you need a party (or general humanity) pleaser!


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